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Subject: Tourist Visa
My tourist visa has been rejected twice. I just need to visit my daughter who is settled there with her family. I am really desperate to see my 2 grand daughters. I am a self employed and i own my retail business. i have previously sent my business registration, property papers (i stay in my own house + I rent to tenants as well), bank statement. but it still got rejected.

Will it help if i have an affidavit sworn in my coutry, certifying my return back? Are there any other means i can show that i have a settled business & life and have to come back?

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My grandpa applied for canadian visit visa too and he got accepted. My dad showed his personal bank statement n balances that WE here don´t take welfare from the gov. And also transfered around 20 lac in my grandpa´s account to show that he is financially settled too , therefore he is not going to look for work in Canada, also my dad mentioned in the papers that my grandma is not going along with him which proves that he will be returning shortly. My dad got him health insurence which was about $20/day to show that we are not going to be a burden on the gov. So basically you have to prove that you are not going to be a burden on the gov. and that you are surely going to return to your country. Try showing your on-going business for which you HAVE to return. Write them a lletter saying how you are interested in seeing your grandchildren etc. And have your daughter show her bank balance to the gov.that they will be financially supporting you for the time being, not the gov.
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Showing them just the business papers would make them believe that you are going to Canada to extend your business or something. Tell them your grandchildren have school, and/or there are chances of getting sick when they visit you, instead you will go for a short time to see them. If you get accepted in near future, try staying in Canada for a short period, that way it will be easy for you to get the visa next time. My grandpa stayed for a month and a half and now when my dad applied for his visa this time, he got accepted for a multiple visa . So they believe he is only going for visits, not to stay!
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