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Subject: Counting?

I know that the PR card has a validity of 5 years and that I have to be present in Canada at least 2 of those 5 years in order to keep my status as permanent resident. My question is:

Do the 5 years start counting at the time you enter Canada for the first time as permanent resident??? or it starts from date of PR card issued?


Parmod Satija
(in reply to: Counting?)
It is not two years it is a combination of 730 days (IN ANY FIVE YEAR PERIOD from the time you got landed)!

730 days is days but many see 365 + 365 = 730

It is more like 100 + 150 + 200 + 75 + 105 + 100 = 730


PR CARD RENEWAL (in reply to: Counting?)
I want to renew my expired or card but I have an important question regarding counting the 730 days .....I traveled 30 times during the last 5 years period so I have 30 departure days and 30 arrival days , so the departure and arrival day will be counted ass a full day in Canada or not , for example if I left Canada on july 15 at 8 pm , and arrived Canada on july 19 at 11 pm ... so this absent is 3 days or 4 days or 5 days
nadeer badaran
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