ARC - Question (preferably Roy or Doc D - thanks)

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Subject: ARC - Question (preferably Roy or Doc D - thanks)
  If the visa office has sent the file for ARC review does that mean they are considering granting the visa but this is pending the granting of ARC? This is the latest status update that I received on my hubby´s file so I want to put it in perspective and have a better understanding of what this means. I had ordered the GCMS notes and on it saw this information.

His medical is expired and they also noted that they would not request a re-do until ARC is complete.

Another question - approximately how long does the processing of an ARC take whatever the outcome - Visa office is Port of Spain

Thanks for your reply

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Quick question for you? How long did the rcmp check take for you?

Although I´m not Roy or Doc, the visa will be granted once the ARC is approved and ARC usually takes two months. My husband will need an ARC but were in the process of the RCMP check.

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No one can say how long the ARC application will take and yet they have not even asked for the processing fee of $400.00

It depends greatly on where your partner was removed from and how quickly that removal office responds to if they have objections to the visa post granting an ARC.

Everyone should read what is the normal issues that Visa Officers look at when granting an ARC.


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Thanks for your reply Roy - They did request the ARC Fee and that was paid. He was removed via Airport Road office

Tintin - I do not know how long the RCMP check took.

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