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Subject: outside of canada sponsorship
  Hi I hope someone could advise me on what to do in my case. I was sponsored by my common-law partner since 2007. It was an outside of Canada sponsorship because at that time i had basically no status so they said we can´t do an inside Canada sponsorship so we went and done an outside of Canada but thru all the years up until 2009 they said i don´t have to leave Canada because they knew i had a child and plus i worked under my common-law´s business so they sent me all the letters from Vienna Austria stating i don´t have to leave Canada they are going to send everything in the mail to my residence in Toronto. When I received it the mail it was basically the whole package which had my passport with visa and the arc paper so everything that needed to be in there it was in the only problem was that by the time i received this package my visa was expired so i couldn´t go to the american border no where until i didn´t apply for a new one. When I talked to vienna and i told them what happened they said no problem send the passport back and they re-issue a new visa. When i sent back my passport for the visa in this mean time i received a letter from the CBSA to go in and see an Officer about my case, when i walked in the officer started asking for all the documents what i received from Vienna he took those from me and he said you can not pass the border he said if you want your papers you have to go back to vienna or to Hungary where i am from so than i told him i had all the letters from vienna that i don´t have to leave Canada and he said whats going to happen is what i say and he said right away i am going to write a letter to vienna to take back everything, when he wrote the letter vienna sent me back my passport which had my old visa in all scrached out with pen and all i got was a letter with it stating they gave me the papers by error then my CBSA officer was finally changed and the new officer said it could´ve been done thru buffalo but now he can´t do nothing. Now we´re in 2012 I have 2 canadian children and i have to leave canada on june 29.2012 and they can´t even guarantee me a timeline when i would be coming back unfortunately i can´t take my children because i don´t even know where i am going to stay so i don´t know if anyone knows anything about this and if someone could get back to me before the 29 i would appreciate it now my only hope is that the last chance at the Federal Court would work

thank you

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Wow I´ve never heard of something like this. You need to get legal counsel fast. At least you can get some help to stop the removal. Hire a lawyer NOW
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Please find Roy on this sight and meet with him if you are in Toronto. You do need a qualified and experienced Immigration counsel at this time.... You don´t have much time. Look for Roy on this site or find him at his site CVimmigration.com I hope all will work out well for you. Good luck.
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