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Subject: Failed my medical exam
  Hello everyone!
I am really stressed as i recieved a letter from the immigration office that my exam results were abnormal and i need to get further testing done by my physician. I applied for inland immigration, got my medical done. I sent completed file with medical receipt two weeks after my medical exam. Now three days after posting my completed file with all documents, i have recieved a notice that my medical is not upto their standards. I am really worried. Does that mean that they will send my file back. The letter i recieved from their office has a sealed letter that only my physician is instructed to open. It contains info on what further tests i will need and the doctors office is instructed to post them to the office directly. When i gave my medical my urine sample had blood and protein but the doctor ssaid not to
worry. Can someone here tell me if my file gets delayed or sent back?

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The nurse who took my urine test said we see blood and protein a lot in urine could be nothing but mild kidney infection which is not a big deal.
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Blood? may be infection! But it looks like you were menstruating at the time of your medicals!or may be you just finished your menstruation cycle! Its always best to wait one week after the menstruation and then go for medical.
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It was actually three days before my menstruation cycle. But i did inform the nurse that it could be because of that and she told me that they will send it for further lab testing. My concern is, since i have already sent them my application which they have recieved now, will they send it back?or if i get the further tests done i should be okay? Does this cause delay. Also is there any exemption i can request from these further tests?
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