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Subject: Visitor Help | Please Help!
  Hi All,

I (along with my wife) have a Canada Work Permit (Intra Company Transfer) as I visit toronto for projects. But I live in United States on L1A. My mom-in-law is currently visiting us for a few months. We want her to visit Canada for tourism purpose. What are my options to get her a tourist Visa?

1) Can we apply for here visa to visit Toronto without us accompanying her? What kind of financial support documents will we need to provide for her to travel alone (for sponsoring her travel?) What other travel will need to provide for her travel?

2) Do I have to visit Toronto along with her? (do i need to apply for a tourist visa again or I can use my work permit to visit Tornoto?) Is it easier to get a Visa this way?

Thanks in advance and appreciate any help regarding my queries.


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Would be easier to answer your question knowing what the citizenship of you and your mother is. Also I am not sure what an L1A is.

If you hold a valid Work Permit in Canada and have not left the continental US then you will be allowed to attempt entry without a visa, that is assuming you require a visa.

Usually the Canadian Consulate where the foreign national lives is the easiest place to apply for a TRV (Visa).

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Thanks for the info.

I am citizen of India and so is my mom. I am in US on L1A, which is a intra company transfer Work Visa.

I am sponsoring her visit to US. Similarly, can I sponsor her visit to Canada as a tourist,, without me residing in Canada or accompanying her?

I need advice to bring my wife here as a visitor. (in reply to: Visitor Help | Please Help!)
I have permanent job offer and I am working here for 8 months and I want to bring my wife here as a visitor, I need your advice what kind of documents do I have submit to Canada embassy.
Thank you very much

Anvarjon Sidikov
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