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Subject: Citizenship : Residence Questionnaire
I applied for my citizenship in January 2012, all conditions were met including residency calculator. Now I received RESIDENCE QUESTIONNAIRE (form of 5 pages) from CIC. Do they send this to each and every applicant? or they send it to selected applications.
In Home and Family Ties they ask to provide rental lease agreement
I have that for one year and rest of the time I lived with my relatives.So how can I provide proof for the period I lived with my relatives. They asked for family information also. I have spouse in my family and he didn´t apply for citizenship yet because he will quaalify in January 2013.
They also asked for social ties in Canada in community or religious or volunteer groups. What does it mean? Health records detailing the dates at which medical services received.( Doctors keep the records)How can I provide health records?
Please experts advice only.
Thanks in advance.

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I know one guy who recently got his citizenship. He was continuously employed (not a day gap) and simply wrote down where and in what capacity he worked. They may have verified this through their own agency, but he was not asked for anything whatsoever. He went, took some kind of test and was given the citizenship card soon after. If they sent you that thing, it maybe that there are doubts regarding your claims. You can provide proof (sworn statements etc) if you lived part of the time in question from your ppl who you lived with. I am presuming that the ppl you lived with themselves are citizens and not some suspicious characters. Others may answer this better.... wait a bit.
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No - they don´t send the residence questionnaire to everyone. You have received it because CIC is asking for evidence that you spent enough days in Canada to qualify.
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If you paid rent, get a letter of lease from the landlord. If not, provide utility bills such as phone bills and credit card statement in order to demonstrate that you truly resided at the address.

To prove social ties, ask a letter from your community. A letter that starts To whom it may concern, I´ve known Anita such and such a year and she is a good girl, blablabla.

No medical record? Proscription notes?

The reason that you have been given a RQ is that CIC thinks that Canada is nothing but a hotel for you and your family.

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Something you put down in your application maybe incorrect or has caused someone from CIC to question your residency. Seek advice from a qualified person ASAP


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one of my friend lived in canada for almost halkf an year, he some how skipped EXIT stamp when he arrived in his hoem country.
Later he managed to stamp his passport with a latest date just before returning canada.
he applied for citizenship, and he got that without any hazzle.

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Thank You very much. Can you tell about social ties in Canada. Library membership and gym fitness membership are social ties or not.
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i apply for citizenship on jaunry 2011 and i recived a RQ on july 2012 i would like to know how long does it take to complete my case i am now 21 months ?
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I got RQ when i went for citizenship exam. I submitted RQ on 18 Mar, 2011.
Can someone plz tell me how long citizenship will take to process it.


Ayesha Mirza
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My Daughter got her Citizenship in 20 months.I have heard that some people waited 2 years. Before you get citizenship you will be asked to go to a ceremony, in your own city.
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They told me it takes 40 to 48 is ridiculous ,instead they can give citizenship in time but if any fraud in application then can renounce the status forever.