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Subject: PR Card holders abusing the system DocD
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I received a call today from a man who became a Permanent Resident last year and has spent virtually no time in Canada. He has been working in the USA for the whole last year.

He now wants to bring his wife into Canada when he returns in a month or two from the United States. He thinks because he is a PR card holder and he is returning to reside for the first time in Canada that he should be allowed to bring his wife into Canada with him. His wife has a CVV Canadian Visitor Visa.

His wife is currently in the USA with him.
He wants her to enter Canada with him while he looks for a residence and starts working.

Then he claims she will leave and he will submit an outside of Canada Spousal Sponsorship.


If you were a CBSA Officer at their Port of Entry would you believe that (HIS WIFE) was entering for a temporary period of time?


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If the plan is clear and solid, she could be allowed in, if there is anything that looks and sounds fishy she will be sent to secondary and questioned separately from her husband.

It is not really what the officer is going to believe, it is all about "evidence".
People that visit Canada, come with clothes and things in their bags than the average person will carry while visiting another country as tourist and the contents change if they are visiting friends and family or if they are staying in a hotel, it is a very clear and straight forward picture for the most part.

The problem is the rest of them with weird contents in their bags (kitchen sink etc) and a weak story full of gaps, those are the ones who get in trouble.

What this guy has to understand is that regardless if he is a PR, HIS wife isn´t and alone raises a whole bunch of different questions all together. It is just not what you say, it is how you say it!

The fact that she has a CVV, means very little to a CBSA officer. When someone is in line a CVV means that the client meets the minimum requirements to knock our door so she must have a very good explanation for the questioning, otherwise, both of them are asking for a very bitter experience.

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Roy if you are reading this, please check out Anita´s post... she probably needs your help pronto.... Thanks
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