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Subject: please help with application
  hello everyone, I´d like to get some some on something that I´m not sure of,. my wife and I are applying to bring her mother and two sisters, we received a letter from immigration asking for the for additional info, they say that they are ready to begin processing the sponsorship application, I have collected all the documents requested, but my concern is this, my family lives in Peru therefore the birth certificates are in Spanish, I was told before that I didn´t have to translate them to English, I don´t know whether that is true or not but it took sometime for me to get these documents sent to me here in Canada, and I only have a couple of weeks before my 90 days run out, my questions is this: Can I send the documents with the birth certificates ( in Spanish). IS there going to be a problem?
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Most basic:

Must be translated into English or French by a certified translator.

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