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Subject: Canadian PR vs Quebec PR
  Hi ,

I have an experience of around 8 years into IT and want to apply for Canadian PR . I know Canadian federal skills does not have IT as a skill set .So in that case is Quebec the only options remains .Is there any disadvantage or advantage taking Quebec PR ,Is it possible to work with in Canada but outside Quebec.

Do i get any weight-age if my sibling is holding Canadian PR

Any help/guidance on this will be appreciated

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The PR that you get by applying through Quebec is still Canadian PR (there is no such thing as "Quebec PR"). So yes, you can work anywhere in Canada even if you apply to the Quebec category. If your brother lives in Quebec, it will help your application. But if he lives outside Quebec, it will work negatively as it can be seen as lower motivation on your part to settle in Quebec. Last but not the least, in practice, it is nearly impossible to get selected for Quebec without knowing french.
Can we first apply for CSQ and can we send our TEFaq after one month. (in reply to: Canadian PR vs Quebec PR)

Can we start our process for CSQ with all the document including IELTS certificate and can we send TEFaq certificate after one month because i have just started to learn french language and it will take 2 month .

will CSQ reject my application?? or they will ask for the TEFaq certificate???


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