NEW Spousal Sponsorship Regulations UNFAIR

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Subject: NEW Spousal Sponsorship Regulations UNFAIR
  I have a loving couple caught in the new spousal sponsorship regulations as well the C-31 H&C regulations.

Man gets sponsored to Canada from outside of Canada and it takes six years to get him landed after Sponsor appeals and wins.

Just a few days after he arrives he finds his wife in bed with another man. They separate and divorce which takes another year. The new PR gets a job and starts to establish himself and only starts dating a year after his divorce or two years since getting landed. Another year passes and he then meets a terrific faithful partner and their relationship grows.

They get pregnant, marry and have a beautiful daughter four years after being Landed.

It has not been FIVE YEARS since his landing so he can´t sponsor her under the new regulations.

New wife has just had her refugee hearing so she can´t submit an H&C application because one year has not passed since her refugee claim failed.

It has only taken a couple of days since C-31 has passed for them to be caught in these new regulations.


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How did you get caught? The ban is only for one year if you were excluded. If you did anything else, such as a DUI or any criminal conviction even if it is a "small" one then you might have some problems when trying to enter Canada. It all depends what pops up once the officer scans your passport. If in doubt, you sould contact the Canadian Embassy BEFORE traveling to Canada.
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Been drinking DocD Your answering the wrong thread.


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