Are you eligible to apply to the MPNP

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Subject: Are you eligible to apply to the MPNP
  Roy what do you think, can I try through this section (strategic initiative) for Manitoba PNP

Are you eligible to apply to the MPNP

My IELTS is 6.5, I have edu,work exp, French, age, everything...

Roy, you are always saying to me, you are waiting and not applying

any advise
is it worthy to go through this and give it a try.


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You have 3 options
1.Get a job offer you have work experience in Manitoba
3.Completed some edcation in Manitoba
4.Have some realtions who are ready to support you
5.Ready to invest
5.Make a visit and stay in Manitoba for 10 days ( Evaluate work, school, life style etc for 10 days) attend an interview with the PNP officers, and convince them that you can be a potential Immigratnt to their provice. Get pnp certificate and apply for PR.

So decide which one is sutable for you

These are all at 20000 feet views and options, once you select a method things will be more clear to define or to explain

No Judgements

Numbers Speak

Numbers Speak
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Thanks mate,
I wolud like number 1 and 6 from the list above.
Nr.1. How can I get job offer from abroad man, impossible...
Nr.6. Make a visit to Manitoba, that will be great , but what are my chances, can I set appointment with Manitoba PNP and explain them, do I have to hire a lawyer for that.... Please help

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Number 1 Trust me I dont know

Number 2
Read, Read , again Read

Some highlights

1.You are between the ages of 21 to 49.
2.You have completed a minimum one-year post-secondary education or training program for which you received a diploma or certificate.
3.You have worked at least two years full-time in the past five years and can demonstrate that you can find a job in Manitoba in that occupation.
4.You can demonstrate a minimum of six points in English or French based on the MPNP Language Self-assessment (PDF) and/or a minimum score of 5 on an IELTS test (International English Language Testing System). (You may also be able to demonstrate your language ability in your interview with a MPNP program officer during your exploratory visit.) Note: Documented language test is required for lower skilled applicants under new minimum standards.
5.The MPNP is satisfied that you do not have a stronger connection to other provinces in Canada and have good potential to settle permanently in Manitoba.

what may happen

Day 1
1.You send mail stating that you are intereted in MPNP SKILLED WORKER exploratory visit

Day 25
With in 25 days you will get a reply asking for your details ( have scanned copies of your docuemnts),And why you are intereted in MPNP ??

Day 30
You sent the reply, why you want to settle down in Manitoba, attaching your documents .

Day 90
If successful they will invite you for a visit with original docuemnts. ( May be the invite is valid for 60 days-I dont know exactly - You must have a valid Business/tourist visa to enter Canada - Manitoba will not sponsor your visa, but may support your Tourist visa application)

Day 150
You visited and they are happy with you. So most probably you will get the Nominee certificate from Manitoba immediately or with in 60days

Day 210

Apply for canada immigartion through
Here you are checked on Medicals, Criminal back ground,funds - Not about your qualifications)

Here you will stand in a seperate queue and not in the common queue

Hope this helps you..
Hire a lawyer - answer is NO NO NO

- As long as you understand english and you dont have any complicated case history, No LAWYER
May be i can be your lawyer, my fee is your smile lol....

Ignore spelling mistakes - My 2 year old son lives on my keyborad ;)

No Judgements

Numbers Speak
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Wow man, thank you for your help
I appreciate

Im gonna take a look in details

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Speed you are a very strange guy!!! A few years ago, when I was hiring an attorney after having trouble filling the application, I came to this forum and you, some US guy from Chicago, Sharon, and a Chinese guy from Vancouver were prominent members on this forum. Since then, I showed up, got PR, got Citizenship and now I am debating if I should get a 5-year passport or wait till Jan 2013 and get a 10-year passport.... And you are still out there trying to immigrate!!!! I think you better think hard about what you want in life, where you want to go or live etc.... I am kind of amazed at your case!!!!
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I am not sure how Speedoflight is going to make it in Manitoba, where you can find a large population of Germans and Natives and this guy seems to have issues with "large" ethnic groups.
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@Brandnew, thats life man, I am happy for you to hear that you got PR, could you pls share your experince with us about with your attourney...
You said five years ago, on that time I was student @Bachelor level,

@DocD, I would love to immigrate in Manitoba, thats seems to be a better place comparing to ON and QB :) You didnt get my message, I said I am aagainst one ethnich population dominating in one province more than 50%, eh :)

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That guy that you are looking for is DocD, I think he changed his nick, yea Roy and Sharon are heroes to this forum, they really help
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So if you find out that more than 50% of the population in a specific city is white caucacian, then you would have a problem too?

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Hahahahah, DocD, No way man, you are misinterpreting or messing things...

Where are you coming from,
You are a smart immigrant

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