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Subject: Visitor Visa extension
My name is Vanessa and I have a question regarding the extension of a visitor visa. My boyfriend Mike is from Luxembourg and is therefor exempt from applying for a visa to visit Canada. He arrived in March and we are aware that he is permitted to stay in the country up to 6 months, no longer. He is an artist and has not been working or studying here. He lives with me and rents part of an artist studio so that he can produce artwork while here.
He would like to extend his visit for a year so that he can continue to produce artwork and so that we can travel together once I complete my degree this winter.
He supports himself from his savings, assistance from relative, as well as stipends/grants from Luxembourg to make art. He has no intention of studying / working / selling his art in Canada.
We are looking to obtain a multiple entry visa for 1 year and have actually filled out and paid for a single entry visa (by accident). The receipt asked for a client ID#, which alerted us as he does not have a client ID from a previous visa.
A multiple entry visitor visa would be ideal so that he can travel out of Canada for exhibitions (he has an exhibition in Luxembourg this fall for which he must be present) as well as for tourism (he plans to meet up with a friend in the states for a rock climbing trip).
What should we do?
What is the difference between a visitor visa and a temporary resident visa? (It seems that the two are somehow linked).
Does he need a visa at all?
We want the security of knowing that he can return here to be with me and we don´t want to make any visa-type mistakes that might jeopardize his stay/return.

Thanks for any/all help!
Best, Vanessa

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Why are you applying for a multiple entry visa for a citizen of Luxembourg?

As a visitor, a visa is not required. Now, if he plans to stay longer than 6 months, he needs to apply for an extension not a visa.

As per re-entering Canada, there is where things can go south. Even though a visa is not required to enter Canada, he still has to convince the officer at the port of entry that he is going to leave Canada at the end of his visit. It is expected that as a visitor, he will do, what visitor´s do. VISIT!

Having an art studio here, painting with the intention of selling his art (even outside of Canada) it is not what visitors normally do.

There is a risk that he could be refused of entry, next time he attempts to re-enter Canada.

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Thanks so much. That seems to have cleared things up.
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