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Subject: H&C IN PROCESS!!!!
  Good day everyone,
I have my H&C in processing at the Montreal BRO office since July of 2011. I called the call center to check up on my study permit. Yes my study permit was granted and i just decided to ask the agent to please check up my permanent residence application under H&C category. He said ´´ That they were doing back ground checking on my application´´. I also have my PRRA application in process as well since 2010. I told him that how is that possible without them giving me the first stage of approval? He said this procedure applies to all applicants applying for this kind of status. I just want to ask if what he said about the back ground checking is accurate. I have no criminal record, but was just surprised if this is how they go about this kind of application...

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Background check is conducted by The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

How they do it or how long it takes is never revealed.

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Thanks for the response.So you mean this type background check is done on every applicant´s or meaning something good/ bad is about to happen. I thought background check is done after the first stage of approval.....
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