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Subject: Convention Refugee PR CARD
  Hi there.

I appriciate if anyone could help me please ??

I am a convention refugee. I recieve my letter from IRB on Septembber 2011. I sent my application for PR card on June 2012. While i was waiting to see what is going to happen on processing times i was trying to check on internet and i saw that applications must be made within 180 days after recieving the letter from IRB. I seriously didnt know that. I must have missed that section on the application kit when i was reading. I didnt have a lawyer so nobody was guiding me. Obviously i made my application after 180 days. Does anyone knows if they are going to refuse my application and what would happen after? i tried to call CIC call centre hundred times but the lines are always busy. I dont know if i need to do something ? Please help if anybody has any information.

Thank you in advance


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....applications must be made within 180 days....

His application for Permanent Residence, not PR Card.

Convention Refugee PR Card (in reply to: Convention Refugee PR CARD)
CIC Inland Processing for Convention Refugee (IP I can´t remember the number) states that if the application is made after 180 days, it will be returned and you will be told to apply under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds.

Viel Glück

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