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Subject: Sponsorship review special $159+HST AUG 9&10 only
  ====Special rate of $159+HST for 75 minutes spousal/common-law sponsorship application review at our office will be in effect for two days only August 9&10, 2012. Our consultation will help you improve your submission to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and may prevent costly mistakes. To book an appointment for a review by a regulated Canadian immigration consultant visit http://www.gnimmigration.appointy.com====
Great North Immigration
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants
Professional assistance with all Canadian immigration matters by licensed & insured practitioners

Visitor Visas
Permanent Residence
Canadian Experience Class
Skilled Workers
Family/Spousal Sponsorships
Business Immigration
PR Card Application/Renewal & Residency Obligation
Live-in Caregivers
Status Extensions/Restorations
Temporary Resident Permit
Immigration File review
Representation and IRB hearings and appeals
Assistance with applications at the US-Canada land crossings
Book your initial consultation here:

Tel:416-9048210 or 416-3889443
70 East Beaver Creek Road, Suite 201
Richmond Hill,Ont L4B 3B2

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Can someone stop this guy from advertizing his business on here?
need sponsorship (in reply to: Sponsorship review special $159+HST AUG 9&10 only)
i want to go canada for work permit visa so i need sponsorship from any company or anyone from canada to get work permit.
Dipendra Shrestha
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The Association of Certified Immigration Advisors has sent your Office four e-mail regarding an upcoming seminar that would allow you to weather the current elimination of any FSW Applications and you have not registered.

Instead your counting your pennies by offering to check over forms, eeeeeeek!

Any person who submits an application must discl;ose who assisted him/her with their application and MUST submit a Use Of Representative form IMM 5476 with their application.

"Original of Completed Use of Representative Form (if applicable)"

They paid the large sum of $179.67 cents if they are in Ontario for advice. They need to submit the Use of Representative form. Will you be providing same of under $180.00 ???????

A fee is a fee so I´m just wondering you will spend how long to review forms? What do consumers of your advice get for this amount of money/


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75 min of consultation on the completed package. Nothing wrong with that.
No representation as the client prepared it by themselves and have no interest in representation. I never accepted this wide interpretation of IMM5476. What if they have no desire to authorize you to conduct business with CIC on their behalf?

Do you know anyone in the GTA with Quebec license?


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Yes give me a call in afternoon at IAD in the morning.


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