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Subject: Sponsoring Nephew
  Hi, I have a nephew from the Philippines I want to sponsor. I´m now a canadian citizen and married with no children. My nephew´s mother is my half sister and she died 2 yrs ago. He is an illegitimate son living with my other half sister back home. My other half sister is married and with children of her own and could not afford to raise him. I´m just wondering what´s the process anything like this and what are the steps I have to make for this to happen? He is 14yrs old and I remembered her Mom told me before she died to take responsibility of the child whatever happens and this is the time I need to do my part for the sake of the child. Your further advice and assistance on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


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Adopt the teenager then put a seat belt on. Teenagers are in a world of their own.


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