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Subject: Residence Questionnaire
  Just 2 days ago I got a Residence Questionnaire and I haven´t written my citizenship test yet . i have not visited any other countries

1) Why was I the only one asked to fill out the Residency Questionnaire when my husband applied for citizenship at the same time as me?

2) Now that I have sent my RQ, how long will it usually take them to process and send me the date for the the citizenship test (considering all goes well)?

3) Instead of sending coloured copies of my passport pages, I sent black and white copies by mistake. Will this cause any problems?

4) My passport expired and I got a new passport . Since it was all blank, I did not bother copying all the blank pages and photocopied only the "information page." Will this cause any problems?

5) All the stamps in my Passport AFTER the arrival date were in English but the ones before were in Arabic and other languages and i did not translate them. Will this cause any problems?

6) I see that most people get their RQ AFTER they write their citizenship tests. Why am I an exception?

Any help will be greatly appreciate

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All of your questions should have been asked before you answered your residency questionnaire. Why me is the most glaring of questions.

You probably made a glaring error on your original application form by leaving something out. Then all the questions become a snowball effect which get bigger and bigger because the first answer on the initial questionnaire was a mistake.

Then finally you take your replies on your RQ not serious and then realize you should have taken them very seriously.

Now you have two options, don´t worry be happy or prepare for the worse.

Knowing what has been appearing in the media day after day about non-genuine permanent residents I think the don´t worry be happy attitude is suicide.


Renewal of PR (in reply to: Residence Questionnaire)
I landed to Canada in Aug 2010 with my wife and 2 children in skilled migration category.I stayed 3 months and came back home Again I went in 2011 to Canada and stayed for 1 month and came back home But my wife and 2 children are in Canada and they will apply citizenship.Being a Doctor I have to look after my sick mother I am living with her in my back home My PR will expire in 2015 August.If I won´t be able to go to Canada before the expiry date,will my PR will be cancelled though my wife and 2 children are living in Canada and citizens of Canada.Pl be kind enough to advice regarding that as an experience adviser.

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Yes - you will lose your PR status if you cannot meet the residency requirement of living in Canada two out of every five years. It doesn´t make a difference that your wife and children are living in Canada and are citizens. You still have to meet residency requirements to retain your PR status.
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Google Immigration Refugee protection Regulations then read the residency regulations. There are ways one can legally reside outside of Canada and still maintain your residency obligations.


hey (in reply to: Residence Questionnaire)
hey..I made a mistake on the RQ application form. Do you know where i could print out the form online. Do they have any website to the form?

Recipients of RQs...Enough cowardice (in reply to: Residence Questionnaire)
How long are we going to take such mistreatment hands down?! For god sake people, CIC first started by declaring that the timeline for recipients of RQs to meet with a citizenship judge is between 18-24 month. Throughout such time, I really understood and appreciated the fact that, due to many fraudulent citizenship cases, CIC needs to do its due diligence of its citizenship applicants. I reasoned with myself that I am but one of thousands of people like me who are on standby waiting for such meeting. In my case I received a letter with such time table in July, 2010. I counted the day of when I will sit in front of a judge and present him with all my evidence proving my stay in Canada. In October 2012 (Three months above and over the time they promised will take for me to sit in front of a judge), I called CIC infamous help line only to be informed that the latest update on my file shows that my file was transferred to a judge and that, according to the telephone representative, it could take up to 15 more months for me to meet the judge. That was almost like a heart attack for me! I almost fainted from the shock! 15 months? Above and over the 27 months I have waited? I tried to inquire about an investigation channel or an ombudsman or a watchdog that monitors CIC practices and their inhuman ways of dealing with their clients. The answer that I received from the “indifferent” representative was a very cold no!
On January 2,2013, I called again to check on my RQ’s status only to be informed that CIC has revised their timetable to meet a judge to 48 months. 48 months people....4 years people!
I swear Somalia will be ashamed to pull such reckless and inhuman treatment toward its own people! What in god’s name wrong with these people? Where the hell are we?
Based on the above, I have decided that I am not going to take it hands down. I am going to hit every door, I am going to call every News outlet who will give a chance to tell my story. I promise Jason Kenny that his office receiving a phone call from me daily. I promise that if all doors stay closed in my face, I will camp in front of 55 St Clair E.
People...for god sake, enough complacency! The people in that government department with Jason Kenny behind them are counting on us being intimidated and complacent! Let us move, let us stand up these people that are bordering on criminality.
Let us here, and from this forum, organize an action plan. This is our lives they are toying with for god sake, lets us show them that we are not only faceless client IDs.
Who is with me?



Residents of RQs (in reply to: Residence Questionnaire)
I am on a same boat as you my friend, I submitted my application for citizenship in Aug 2010, wrote the written test in May 2011, that´s when they gave me the RQ. It took me almost one year to gather my documents they wanted, one of the major being my US Entry-Exit record from US Immigration, they took almost one year to respond to my request. So finally submitted all the docs in May 2012. What I hear from you means, I should expect a letter from them ( which I have not yet received) in about 27 Months which is Sept 2013 which will tell me to wait until Sept 2017..? Is this a joke ..? In my case most of my foreign trips were because of my job in Canada that required travelling. Now here I am sitting frustrated hesitant to make any foreign trips, because of which now I even lost my job. I am actually converting myself slowly into a "Unprofessional", where by 2017 I will get the citizenship but will be only good for a minimum wage job at a gas station that too if I could survive all these years, I can see what´s coming up...???

So my friend, if you want to camp in front of 55 Saint Clair E, I will come to stand by you.

RQ (in reply to: Residence Questionnaire)

we do not live in a perfect world

If you guys are going in front of 55 Saint Clair E, I will come to stand by you

rq (in reply to: Residence Questionnaire)
please my question is that what happens if PR card expires before RQ hearing?
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The whole point about abuse of Citizenship is ridiculously small that it can´t really be found on anyone´s radar. The fact that a Canadian collects unemployment or welfare while living abroad has nothing to with CIC it is a matter for the courts.

CIC likes to throw out huge numbers of persons their investigating but most of their investigations are extremely frivolous. We have had clients submit everything including the kitchen sink to prove that their is no violation and their told "your file is in progress"!

Then there are those that have a grudge against others who just call up CIC and an investigation is launched because they think all persons are guilty until proven innocent then CIC writes in the file (insufficient evidence to proceed at this time).

Jason Kenney in the last three years has complicated the whole Immigration and Citizenship process that it makes it so difficult for many to enter, remain or become Citizens.

One day when your finally a Citizen of Canada I hiope you will never consider voting Conservative.