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Subject: immigration/citizenship?
I am marrying to a girl who is an immigrant.Their family came to Canada ~5 yrs back.But she hasn´t yet applied for her citizenship.Would she be able to sponsor me?Would that have any effect on my application for immigration ?
What is the difference between immigrant and citizen in canada?

Please let me know.


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no, there is not requirement
immigration/citizenship (in reply to: immigration/citizenship?)
I want to know whether marrying to a girl who is an immigrant but not a citizen would quicker my immigration process or she has to get het citizenship first before sponsoring me ?
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If she is a permanent resident, she can sponsor with no problem. Regarding faster processing, you never know with bastards, peunut-sized brains from CIC.

I wish you good luck

is an immigrant a permanent residence? (in reply to: immigration/citizenship?)
Still I am not clear about this.Is an immigrant has the permanent residence status? Or "Permanent residence" means "Citizen" ? What´s the difference between the two?
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Immigrants have permanent resident status, on the same note permanent residents are usually considered immigrants. They are people who have gone through the immigration process & their applications accepted. They are allowed to work and live in Canada without needing visitor´s visas, work visas, student visas, etc. Their status can be revoked at any time if they don´t meet the requirements which are necessary to maintain their status. Being a permanent resident does not equal being a Canadian order for a permanent resident to become a citizen they must apply for it, a process which takes roughly a year to be finalized.

Citizens are people who are born in Canada, people who are born outside Canada to Canadian citizen parents & their births are registered/recognized by the Canadian government, and permanent residents/immigrants who have applied for & been granted citizenship by CIC.

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Thanks a lot for clarification.
So that means she can sponsor me and that may help to get immigration quicker.

Thanks again :)

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