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Subject: Frustrating Time
  This migration process is sucking my golden time ....All my future plans are moving around PR processing.... I am like handicaped as I have to think a lot before I convert my thought into actions....Immigration processing such a patheatic...and even they don´t bother to send you ACk saying your file is received and will send you AOR soon.... You never know what are they doing with your application....
I applied to Buffalo on Dec-15-2004, they returbed my application as I forget to write "NA" on couple of places...I sent my application back to them on Dec-22-2004 and they have withdrawn my money on Dec-29-2004....but no reply...nothing......
Just I would say "FRUSTRATING" time.....
Is it worth taking pains ?

(in reply to: Frustrating Time) still have to wait atleast 2 or 3 more months to get ur AOR. I applied in Oct 28th and they cashed my cheque on Nov 2. Its more than 3 months now. I havent heard from them at all. So the timelines now for their first response to you or AOR from Buffalo is about 4 to 5 months. Visit for approximate timelines. So hold your horses for another atleast 3 months and you might get it.
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cashed money order Dec 6. 2004, nothing heard back, dude, you are all right
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Only two months and you are already frustrated, how could do with another at least 12 months?

Some peole wait three or more years, they keep their lives going without being disturbed by waiting.

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I totally agree, it is very furstrating, can´t help it. Someone had advised me to apply in 2000 at Buffalo when the processing time was just 6 months, I didn´t listen, applied last month , now probably have to wait till end of 2006 to get immigration and that too if it is approved...

This is what life is all about.....

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