New Marriage Rules are Hilarious

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Subject: New Marriage Rules are Hilarious
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People trying to Immigrate to various countries have on occasions used a bogus marriage to get in. The problem is not new or as bad as Canada´s Immigration Minister Jason Kenney makes it out to be.

The article claims that some have paid up to $60,000.00 for others to assist with a bogus marriage.

Now lets say you and your friend considered immigrating by way of a bogus marriage. That your friend Sally paid $60,000.00 and was approved without an interview. Would it scare you that you would have to live on paper with your bogus sponsor for two years as on November 01st 2012?

How could anyone prove you´re not complying with cohabitation regulations? If you submit your income taxes with the same address and have your drivers license with the same address what more proof would be necessary?

Those that cheat will always cheat.

So if you cheat to get in would you lie about spousal abuse?

Dah Yeah.

The only one these changes hurt are the ones that are in a real relationship.


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you are an idiot. those cheaters usually live together but in a separate room...
There are other countries with similar rules such as USA. Why the rule???? Don´t you know there are numerous cheaters who left their spouse shortly after arriving in Canada? Those cheaters are the one that asking the rules to be implemented! and it is about time too.

So Mr "Consultant".... what would you suggest to protect those cheated spouse unless you are denying the fact there are people who left their spouse shortly after arrival.

It is so easy to complaint without offering any real suggestion... sure there are people who might be affected BUT if you are in a real relationship,what is the 2 years probation? Even if it is 10 years, you would still marry each other.

As for the cheaters, he/she would be worried because what happen if their "spouse" who after receiving part/full payment decides to divorce he/her before the 2 years probation? he/she would have no recourse as he/she is breaking the rule....

Just stick with your immigration business and leave the decision making to others.. OK... Though you are in this business, you should just stick with following the immigration rules and keep your comment to yourself.

To me you are akin to a computer repairman who should not question how the computer is designed because of your limited knowledge in that area.

What suggest can you offer to deter cheater???

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Others in the know agree!


HELP THEM OUT (in reply to: New Marriage Rules are Hilarious)
Get married to local Canadian ladies. There are so many in distress, single ladies, single mothers, mistresses, divorced mothers, permanent residents and Canadian citizens.
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