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Subject: Preventing Removal - Marriage
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When you`re in a genuine relationship facing removal most times it is very difficult to say to your partner, "Let`s get Married"! You definitely do not want him/her to think you´re just using them to stay in Canada.

Those that wait to say will you marry me could end up having a very long wait, back home. There is no way CBSA would consent to defer a removal based on your plans to have a big wedding reception. Once their is no impediments to removal the process is scheduled very quickly. CBSA job is to remove persons. They may appear to be caring and concerned but their job is to get you out of Canada as quickly as possible.

Now when one is in a genuine relationship marriage is one of the best ways to prevent a removal. When your in a genuine relationship you don´t have to think of when or where you met. Worse you will not have memory loss when asked when and where did your relationship become one of a more intimate nature.

Using the system or your partner to stay in Canada is a very bumpy road. After nine months of waiting if your application is lacking any information or things don´t seem just right the two of you will be called for a marriage interview. Now the marriage interview will probably be another six months down that bumpy road.

Think about this BOGUS Marriage scenario, you had a relationship of six months before you proposed, Your wedding was three months after that, you took another month to submit your application, you wait nine months for CIC to look at your application, six more months go by until your marriage interview is scheduled.

Looks like this: six months + three months + one month + nine months + six months = Twenty Five months.

Then your asked what do you consider to be your first date. You reply we went to a movie. Which Movie? DAH..............

If you have waited too long to say (marry me) don´t go underground - Go Home - and apply outside of Canada requesting an ARC.


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and if you love each other to death and can´t afford the wait... move to your other sponsored spouse country. love should be able to conquer that right?? that is if you love each other... what is the problem?? you can complaint that cic should process your file faster but how about making some sacrifice?? ya?
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Anonymous ***.118.251.80

Can you read English?

Who loves one another when their entering a Bogus marriage to prevent Removal?


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Hi Roy,

First I would like to thank you very much for your generous information you provide us in the forum,, I am sure its appreciated by everyone here.

I am a Canadian citizen living in Jeddah for the last two years.. my wife is Saudi and we have two kids,, the older is 17 months and the younger is 5 months old,, and I am willing to return to Canada with my family to live there, my both kids are Canadians and my wife is Saudi. I am confused about how to start the process of sponsoring and how to avoid any delays or making any mistakes that could delay my application.

Iíve just went thru the CIC website and found out that Saudi citizens should apply thru Abu Dhabi visa office for sponsoring application and the estimated waiting time for the routine application is 24 months which is extremely long.

Any ideas or suggestions that could help ?

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