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Subject: Immigration to Canada with ICCRC consultant
  Choose Canada and YVAR International,
A winning combination for your immigration process!

Immigration is one of the most important decisions of your life. Many aspects of the host country have to be considered, such as its economic context, the quality of the education system and homeland safety.

Immigration is a complex process because of the numerous rules to follow, documents to hand out and the waiting time in between steps.

YVAR International is here to provide help all along your immigration process; from the very first moment when you submit your application to the final step when you and your family receive your permanent residency.

Integrity, professionalism and trust are our main values, the foundations of our organization and business relations with our customers.

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Refugie in QC want move to Alberta (in reply to: Immigration to Canada with ICCRC consultant)
I living in Montreal and y refugie Clain was rejected, i filled an Appeal in my case, i am working since i receive my work permit, i dont receive Bienestar Social, i have a Canadian son, y brother living in Alberta and i want move to this province, Can I ? made a CIC test for qualify to emigrate to Alberta and I qualified to Federal Skilled Worker and Canadian Experience Class , Can i apply with refugie Status?
Please Help Me, I a, in this country for better life and superation, no to live under government expenses

Oscar Pineda
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