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My name is Farzana Aslam and I am currently living in Saudia. For last 2 years I am suffering from breast cancer now I got my reports and I have recovered from it. I want to go to Canada for second opinion to make sure that I´ve recovered totally.
I´ve friends in Calgary who are living there for almost 10 years and they are willing to sponsor our family. He is an engineer and they are well off family. My husband can afford living there with my children and can cover my medical expenses on his own. I´ve 3 sons and 1 daughter if everything is fine I would like to live there with my family. I need a good opinion for my situation. I am waiting for your reply.
Thank you

Farzana Aslam
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Your friends in Calgary cannot sponsor you. If you wish to immigrate to Canada then your family will have to qualify to apply independently through one of the immigration streams listed on this page.

Even if you do qualify to apply, there is a change you could be deemed medically inadmissible and refused due to your cancer.

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Ok, but I don´t want long process if we will apply independently it will take a long time and I don´t think that I can wait that long because of my medical condition.

Farzana Aslam
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does a financial anaylist needs to have finance as the major subject?
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