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Subject: Sponsoring my soon-to-be-wife
  Hi everyone...
I have done quite a bit of research over the last few months, but need some help clarifying a few bits and hope you can help me out.

I was born and still living in Canada (BC). My fiance was born and is living in Germany right now. She will be coming here in March 2013 and we´ll be getting married either in April or May 2013.

Once we get married, I am going to file the applications to sponsor her to stay in Canada based on a Permanent Resident. I am aware of the new laws coinciding the Conditional Permanent Resident. I am also aware that we can apply for her CPR in and out of Canada and I plan to apply for the out of Canada version, in case she has to leave Canada while staying here.


1) She will come here in March and plan to stay for about 6 months because that is the longest she can based on what gets stamped in her passport. I know I can apply for an extension to her stay here roughly 1-2 months before it expires.

Since I am applying for her CPR from outside of Canada, if she gets approved for her CPR while inside Canada, a) does she have to leave Canada and come back for the CPR to take effect OR b) she can stay and get her CPR without leaving and coming back?

2) Since her return trip airplane ticket will say September and so and so day, if she gets an extension to stay here, what can I do with the airplane ticket? Can we call up the airline and ask to re-schedule her flight 6 months later? I don´t travel enough to know much about this.


I think that´s about it. Thanks.

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Wait for DocD aka CBSA to respond to this one, LOL


Attractive young female arrives in Toronto PIA from Germany and is asked the following question.

CBSA "What is your purpose for coming to Canada, today?

"I have come to get married"!

CBSA "Go this way".

Into CBSA secondary she goes and starts getting really nervous after the first hour of wait time. When the second hour of waiting approaches she gets called into a small booth area and is asked question after question. Her nerves get the best of her and she says something illogical to the CBSA Officer and they detain her after she signs that she voluntarily wants to leave.

Meanwhile you sitting in B.C. have no idea why she has not arrived.

Ten hours after her plane was to arrive in Toronto and five hours after it was to arrive in B.C. your bride to be calls you collect from the Immigration Holding Centre.


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1) Your plan is to get married to her in Canada and do the paper work right here in Canada. The trick is that she passes the airport without suspicion, not being shown as a genuine visitor. A single lady traveling alone will face a lot of questions from CBSA officers.

2) The oversea spousal application means that the applicant, your bride to be, will go to an immigration officer outside Canada and receives a permanent immigration visa and come to Canada and become a Permanent resident. Yes, she will have to leave in order to get it. Her returning ticket should be a open one.

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Roy pretty much nailed it on the head.

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