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Subject: sponsorship thru Abu Dhabi visa office
  Hi fellas,

I am a Canadian citizen living in Jeddah for the last two years.. my wife is Saudi and we have two kids,, the older is 17 months and the younger is 5 months old,, and I am willing to return to Canada with my family to live there, my both kids are Canadians and my wife is Saudi. I am confused about how to start the process of sponsoring my wife and how to avoid any delays or making any mistakes that could delay my application.

Iíve just went thru the CIC website and found out that Saudi citizens should apply thru Abu Dhabi visa office for sponsoring application and the estimated waiting time for the routine application is 24 months which is extremely long.

Any ideas or suggestions and any previous experience with Abu Dhabi visa office you can share.

Your help is very much appreciated,, thanks a lot

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This is your wife and your kids and you want to DIY?

Some can fill in the forms and read and read and put together the complete application and be successful - others????

Some are like you and interpret things not so perfectly.

First all overseas Spousal Sponsorship´s are submitted to Mississauga Case Processing Centre not Abu Dhabi!

Next you need to read the processing times again. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/perm/fc-spouses.asp

Quote" The times are based on how long it took to process 80 percent of all cases" UnQuote

So ask yourself how many foreigners in Saudi wish to immigrate and do not want to use their home country to apply through? How many people like you who want to save a couple of cents and DIY then cause problems by not submitting the right supporting documents or fill in the forms wrongfully which require an interview to rectify issues?

Then like you, how many Canadian´s want to wait for their spouse to be approved before giving up that lucrative position in Saudi?

Whoops no intention to return your wife is refused.


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Would you please check your mail inbox.


I need an open work permit of Canada (in reply to: sponsorship thru Abu Dhabi visa office)
I need an open work permit of Canada (Toronto) , i have master´s degree in Commerce from a Biggest Government university of Pakistan , my nationality Pakistani, have 20+ years working experience in Gulf countries (now as Finance Manager level) , currently working in United Arab Emirates (abu dhabi), Had IELTS in year 2008 , all study language was English , hope to hear from you soon,


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