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Subject: P.R.
  (1) My T.D refused , To go for Apeal i have 2 reasons for Humanity Ground, how much take the time in apeal procedere ?

(2) I could´t live with my wife for last 3 years so imortant value of ´ Time´ What is batter......
Go for Apeal OR renounce/giving up P.R Status( My wife will sponser me for new P.R again)

(3) if my Apeal will refuse, is it necessary to renounce/ giving up my Old P.R Status before my wife will sponsor me again ?
or automatically Old P.R status cancel / close

I would really appreciate if you can give me answers to my above

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1) As long as necessary

2) You may appeal or renounce. Choice is yours as much as your choice to stay outside Canada.

3)Renounce (there is some lengthy paper explaining that you are on longer PR and reapply

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