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Subject: spouse open work permits
I`m vijay from vegreville, Alberta. working as a cook as NOC B from September 20, 2011 with the same employer till now. Recently i have bee updated my work permit it is vallied till October 2014. my nationality Indian. I need some information regarding open work permit to my wife. I have applied temporary visitors visa to my wife on april 2011, in India it is got rejected so i have been waited to update my work permit it is done now.

1.Is there any possibility to apply open work permit to wife inland in Canada while my wife is still in India. If applying in India is there chances to get open work permit to my wife.

2.Before applying open work permit to my wife do i have to update my temporary resident visa because my current TRV expired.

3.Is there any chances to apply my TRV along with my wife open work permit either in inland or in the home country.

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