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Subject: updating h&C
I m willing to update my h&C file which is started processing october 5th 2012..

but can you please explain me how can I update my case based on common sense ?

i don`t know what does common sense mean..

thank you

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Hi Ahmet,
I think to update your existing application base on how well you´ve integrated into the Canadian society. For example: working,schooling,best interest of a child,major medical problem,and follow up with any positive things that you´re doing in the country at the moment. You can fax, scan or send it through mailing.I bet you have a lawyer. So pay your lawyer to advice you on how to update your application. I have mine in processing since September of 2010, as well as PRRA application. Just hope for the best and make sure you put enough positive attitude towards your application. Time is not on your side.


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