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Subject: FOR ROY (Family application for citizenship)
  Hi Roy,I would like to ask for some advice and opinion about our case.We(family)husband,wife and son apply for citizenship last year and had our test last month,2 weeks before our written test my husband charge of an assault ..We honestly told that to the immigration staff the day of our test and he advice my husband to send them the documents about the case as soon as the decision is made.(Don´t know when).We apply as family so according to the CIC staff our application is tangled together.I´ve been qualified to apply my citizenship 2 years ago (been here for 8 years now)but I wait for them so we we´re happy family when we do the oath.:-(

My question is
1.Is it possible to have my application and our son be separate from my husband?so that we don´t need to renew our PR.Will expire soon.
2.We´re PR right now and would it be a problem for my husband to renew his PR (expire next year)because of his case?


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1. Yes

2. The issue here is he is from one of those countries that require a Canadian Visitor Visa to return. Never plead guilty go through the motions and hope for a conditional sentence with some type of anger management course. If it is a first offence and he shows remorse.


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Thanks for the response Roy,I do appreciate that.According to his lawyer his offense is just minor,no jail time and no deportation.Why do he need a canadian Visitor Visa?His PR card is still valid til next year too.This is his first offense.If he gets clear of this charge would he be able to apply again for citizenship or even stay here with us as Permanent Residence?

Thanks again

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PR cards are not necessary for countries that are visitor visa exempt.

Those citizens never worry about renewing the card. It is like being pregnant either you´re a PR or your not.


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Thanks again Roy.Just want to know when do you think we can contact immigration lawyer like you to represent him?He´s still waiting for his First court appearance next month.Not convicted or guilty of anything.


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