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Subject: Visiting USA from CANADA
  Hi i am a Filipina working here in Canada with a valid OPEN WORK PERMIT and still working as a nanny. I want to visit my friend in USA (California) next year March. I just want to know how to apply for a US visa(visiting a friend)and if you can give any information,necessary documents i may need(I am holding Philippine Passport with a valid Canadian Visa)Please help me to know everything and i can inform my friend too what are the documents she may need to support my application.Thank you so much and very much appreciated whatever answers come out from my inquiry..
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Contact the US Visa.
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I meant the US Embassy.
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Hi there..there is A website that you can visit when applying for a US visa. You can do the application online and pay online as well and you can choose the day when you want to have your interview done. It will also tell you what documents you need to bring on your interview day.
Just remember that even if you have all the necesary document, it doesnt mean that you will be granted a visa. The decision depends on the immigration officer who will interview you. Email me if you have further question

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