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Subject: Celpip test result
hi, below is my result anyone could tell me wat point i would get according to the new point system for language ability.

Language Skill

Proficiency Level

Reading 3H Developing
Writing 3H Developing
Listening 4H Adequate
Speaking 5 Effective or Advanced


celpip test result (in reply to: Celpip test result)
check for the test result
virgilio sigaya
(in reply to: Celpip test result)
Iwould like to know the test result that i took on August 16th .Could you let me know/
Tuyet Lam
Reading (in reply to: Celpip test result)
I want to follow up my re-evaluate
Tomas cabrera
My CELPIP test result On Dec14, 2014 (in reply to: Celpip test result)
I would like to request you to send my CELPIP test result today as soon as possible
Sarojani Malakar
Need more score in reading (in reply to: Celpip test result)
Hi good day I just wanna ask if is possible to get my reading score 5 because I need 5 and last February 19 2016 I take 7times exam and I got L-5
And I need all 5. Please help me this is my last chance and I did 7 times until now i took lowest in reading.. My paper will expired on March and I´m a single mom here in Canada..

Melanie dayrit
Celpip results (in reply to: Celpip test result)
I would like to know how is the overall experience or result in 2016 for General Celpip test. Many of my friends have appeared since last Aug and that too couple of times, however, could not clear. Paragon testing is not giving scores more than 6 in any cases, no matter how hard you try or how well you do.

Has anyone else had similar experience? pls share. if anyone cleared in recent Celpip G tests also, please share.

RE-EVALUATION (in reply to: Celpip test result)
Hi Melanie Dayrit.. How is your exam? Did you try to re-evaluate the Reading category? Instead of retake.. It will save money and you just pay $55 + tax. Result will come after 2-3 weeks..
Re evaluation (in reply to: Celpip test result)
Hi i just want to ask if there are possibilities that my score of 4 in reading will increase up to 5?i done with the evaluation and waiting for the result is there any possible that they will give me a score of 5?thank you
Juan carlos roldan
(in reply to: Celpip test result)
is there any chance to increase my listening test in celpip if try to re -evaluate?thanks
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