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Subject: Celpip test result
hi, below is my result anyone could tell me wat point i would get according to the new point system for language ability.

Language Skill

Proficiency Level

Reading 3H Developing
Writing 3H Developing
Listening 4H Adequate
Speaking 5 Effective or Advanced


celpip test result (in reply to: Celpip test result)
check for the test result
virgilio sigaya
(in reply to: Celpip test result)
Iwould like to know the test result that i took on August 16th .Could you let me know/
Tuyet Lam
Reading (in reply to: Celpip test result)
I want to follow up my re-evaluate
Tomas cabrera
My CELPIP test result On Dec14, 2014 (in reply to: Celpip test result)
I would like to request you to send my CELPIP test result today as soon as possible
Sarojani Malakar
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Submission Code (SX16165) Copy The Code From The Left found in the brackets
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