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Subject: Strange question - Refusal of entry
  My former partner was refused entry to Canada travelling as a tourist although with longer term plans. I have been falsely accused of providing information that resulted in this refusal. I won´t bore you with the ramifications of this but really would like to know if there is a way of proving that the decision had nothing to do with information being passed on and was more likely due to bad luck and bad planning.

Not holding out much hope but any suggestions gratefully received.

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It doesn´t matter, the decision was already made and in this case the officer´s decision is final.

Was he/she given the option of withdraw his/her application to enter Canada or did the CBSA officer issued an exclusion order? and your former partner is been banned from entering Canada for 1 year or more?

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No idea I am afraid - I´ve not been furnished with the full circumstances of the refusal unfortunatley.

As I say personally I think the decision was made without anybody´s intervention but it would be nice to clear my name if you will!!

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