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  My girlfriend and I met while she was visiting America. We grew very close in a short amount of time. Because of her visa status she had to move back to Canada. Now we are separated and trying to find ways to be together. Even though we feel we could complete a marriage application process, we would like to avoid marriage if possible. Not only because of the cost and lengthy process, but also because we would actually like to take time to really explore our relationship.

We have some unique options, one of which is the fact that she has a young son from a previous marriage, whom I am very close with. We were thinking that perhaps I could apply to become a live in caregiver as the process seems to be quick and relatively simple. Also her son is home schooled, and as a musician, I have a certain rapport tutoring him in music, as well as other areas of interest.

Also, my girlfriend is a formulator for organic skin care products, as well as a licensed aesthetician. While she was visiting the states we created a product together that inspired her to create her own business, which she wanted to build with me as a partner. Since the product requires a very skilled and detailed process, and since we have already come up with so many ideas and plans we actually feel that we specifically need one another to continue. Also, it is important to add that formulas absolutely must be kept closely guarded, and neither one of us feel like sharing our ideas with just any manufacturer or employee. Not sure what that means for our LMO. I am a student of Chinese medicine, so I can prove my knowledge of herbs and health. Could we possibly qualify for a LMO exemption? Or even an entrepreneur class?

So far this has been very difficult for us. We want to find something simple and freeing that can allow us to stay together. The faster the better.

Please get back to me with any information, thoughts or questions you may have. I would greatly appreciate any ideas, or input you may have.

Thank you


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