Federal Skilled Worker Program re-launch delayed!

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Subject: Federal Skilled Worker Program re-launch delayed!
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By March of 2012 the FSWP Ministerial list of occupations had reached its capacity and no new applications would be accepted. Many potential applicants and Immigration Counsels could not wait for a new list as of June 30th to rush their applications into the Central Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia. They had all their forms and documents ready to submit.

Then all of a sudden there was NO NEW LIST OF OCCUPATIONS in July of 2012.

CIC told us all wait until January of 2013 so we waited.So we waited 10 long months. Then comes another announcement wait until May 3rd 2013. Well it will be 15 months long wait until May 3rd 2013 but will it be longer?

The latest change by Jason Kenney and his gang is credential recognition. 90 days from the re-launch date of the FSWP and we wait holding on to all of the Ministers words regarding the re-launch of the FSWP.


NO DETAILS on which organizations have been approved to conduct credential recognition.

NO DETAILS on the cost of credential recognition.

NO DETAILS as to the timeline to conduct credential recognition.


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