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Subject: please need your suggestion
  hi there, i had applied for my h&c last year march and my prra application on the same year on june. i check my application status its wrriten there like this: Decision Made
Permanent Residence
We received your application for permanent residence on March 14, 2011.
We started processing your application on November 14, 2011.
A decision has been made and you will be contacted.
We sent you a letter on February 06 2012. this is what they said but i havent receive anything from cic. what this is means... and i also receive a letter from cbsa ask me and my wife to come for meet the officer for review, update and discuss my casa. what this means? please explain. thank you.

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Well it could me you won or you lost.

When this happens I know in advance I already know the answer.

Video - Listen to my interview part.


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hi mr.roy frist of all i would like to thank you for replying my question, but im sorry i didnt get you. i watch the video but i still dont understand. can you please explain to me.
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"Well it could me you won or you lost" -Roy

Say what?

Anyway, nobody can properly give you an answer without reading your file or knowing the details of your application.

My advice is DO NOT fail to appear as requested by CBSA.

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Yes DO NOT fail to appear because it could be good news.

To me and my clients it is a cruel way to inform anyone of results. Most who have an H&C and a PRRA at the same time see that letter as - go get a ticket and get on the plane scenario.

I believe there probably is a fair number of approved H&C applicants that actually NO SHOW and don´t know they´re approved stage one.

|The big task for CBSA is to tell the approved H&C applicants that a decision on their PRRA will be suspended.

The odds are your answer is a negative decision.


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If you re not yet over with the submission fo requirements including medical tests and it says in their system that way, it is most likely your application has been rejected
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thank you so much for your advise. im going for the interview on this coming tuesday.will keep update what is the feedback that i get from cbsa.

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