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When seeking to stay in Canada or Immigrate to Canada the best Immigration advice comes from experienced authorized advisers. Anyone seeking advice has to be careful of those that promise too much because they have connections. If it sounds too good to be true, Run!

CIC only functions based on the Immigration Act and its Regulations. Everyone must qualify based on their own personal factors. Certain representatives are better than others while some just go through the motions.

Seeking Immigration advice is no different that any other major expenditure.

Ask lots of questions,

Why should I retain you over another Immigration adviser?
Have them prove length of their Immigration business experience.
Have them provide proof they have handled similar cases.
Get details of the time they will spend personally on your situation.
Find out if the big Boss will deal with your case or an underling.
Ask for references that speak your own language and then contact them.
Compare their fees to others.


On Saturday I was referred a client from a previous successful client. Around noon I met with an educated Lady from India who retained two separate firms who called themselves Lawyers. If a firm has a name like We-Can Immigration they are not Lawyers.

She retained the last firm to extend her work permit based on her husbands PGWP as well as to assist with completing a CEC application.

To make a long story short her work permit was refused due to a poorly written employment letter by her husbands company that had a CIC Officer classified his occupation as a category C occupation. I asked if the representative she retained actually read the employment letter and she said Yes. I was shocked.

Then the educated Lady who had worked at Chase Manhattan Bank and Deutsche Bank in India after doing further research found out that she was not qualified to submit a CEC application.

The educated Lady then told me that she was the one that handed all of the completed CEC forms to the person she had retained. All that that person had done was review the forms and submit them. That representative then refused to give her a copy of her application since she never copied it herself. The applicant does not even know if the representative copied the application themselves.

She gave this representative several thousands of dollars.

This disgusting work done by an authorized Consultant.

Well we found a solution to her problem and spent two hours on Saturday explaining the solution proving same by showing the appropriate sections of the Act and the Regulations. We even gave her husband a contact number of a former client who had a similar problem that we resolved and he spoke to that satisfied client.

I felt sorry for them so I offered to assist and resolve matters for just a few hundred dollars.

They said thank you for our time and left without retaining.

Certain people even when they get handed them Best Immigration Advice will still go out and get defrauded again.

You can only help some of the people some of the time and others are beyond help.


Is there any one know about the "canada visa expert" company, Are they reliable?

I checked their webside and no detailed explaination on their charges and service details.

Any one had experience with them?

Thanks a lot

@ Elaine & all

Way to go by questioning something that seems too good to be true.

When a web site claims a TEAM of Professionals and does not list ONE professional there is a reason.

There are companies out there that hire BRAND NEW representatives who canīt afford to open an office and labels them EXPERTS.

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations section 10 clearly states all applicants who have paid someone for advice MUST declare those INDIVIDUALS within their applications by listing their details.


Roy, you sound very knowledgeable. Are you a lawyer, and how much do you charge. Just starting this process and want to do it right.

Thanks for your time,

Guys, are you idiots or what ??? What ever this guy called Roy says here, he is intentially- directly or inderectly showing his company.. If you translate what he is trying to say, it means , come to me come to me, I am the best, come to me, I need MONEYYYYYYY......This GUY HAS BEEN SAYING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER FOR YEARS IN THIS SITE ...Somebody should really tell him not to talk behind other immigration consultants, ..Mr Roy, if you have anything to say about those people, tell them to their face!!!!! You are so cheap ...
@ George

Are you a "Canada Visa Expert" professional team member?

When a company or an individual promotes themselves as having a "team of professionals" and don´t list one of their experts what is wrong with pointing that fact out? Protecting the consumer seeking Immigration advice is an admirable duty.

George your comment goes two ways, if you are upset with me informing others that sometimes persons can give bad Immigration advice or promote themselves with misleading advertisements direct your complaint directly to me.

Or is your name really George?

Regarding you translating what I mean here when I post I answer questions but I never see any professional team members who are EXPERTS answering postings.

Just maybe they and you George are not EXPERTS!


sponsoring my conjugal partner (in reply to: BEST IMMIGRATION ADVICE)
Hi Roy,

You seem very knowledgeable. Could you please help me with something. My partner lives in the UK and wants to move to Canada. We have not lived together in Canada (I lived over in the UK for 6 months). Do we have to live together for a year before we can start the immigration process?

Thank you for your advice

Liz, the rules clearly state in the case of Common Law, you must cohabitate for a year before you can sponsor. If you marry - there is no cohabitation requirement.

You would need to be able to validate that 1 year period

Thanks Sharon,

I have been going over all the rules and sometimes it is pretty hard to figure out things.

I do have another question Sharon - or anyone who can help. My boyfriend did some foolish things when he was younger. I will give you a list;

(a) recklessly discharging a firearm - he was a teenager in the bush with a friend, firing at targets. It is was an airgun (177). He was 16 years old. That was 36 years ago. He was charged and admonished.

(b) thief of a car. He was 28. That was 24 years ago. His friend stole the car and then his friend told him to have a turn and drive it. The police caught them, charged his friend and just fined him.

(c) he was busted with marijuana at his friend´s house. He had a bit on him and his friend had more. He was charged and convicted with intent to supply. He had to pay a $189 fine. His friend was charged more because it was in his home. He was 30. That was 22 years ago.

(d) stole a road light that had been knocked down and lying at the side of the road. He was 21 at the time. That was 31 years ago. He was fined for that.

(e) His brother, his brother´s friend and himself went to a guy´s home who had stolen a bike from the brother. The brother and his friend beat up the guy who stole the bike, my partner was in the house but did not hit anyone. This was 17 years ago. He was found not guilty.

I have read about pardons after 5 years, and these were at least 15 years ago. Could you please provide your thoughts on this.

Thank you once again :)

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