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Subject: Moving for my girlfriend
  Ill keep it simple, im american got in a long distance relationship(skype,fb,calls convos, phone records to prove even two visits there)

im trying to figure out how to move there and i need help, im 20 ive been at my job for 8 months(part time) taken online assessments and so far i wouldnt qualify for any visas. i dont know what to do, im trying not to get in over my head so i need a point in the right direction on where to not trying to rush this i know it could even take over a year or so and im prepared to wait considering im unprepared now.
any help would be appreciated.

Reeves Hicks
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If you want to "move" to Canada, then you have a few options right now.

1) Have your girlfriend sponsor you. For this to work, you will have to get married first or live together for a minimum of one full year to become common law.

2) Attend college / university in Canada. This is an expensive option since foreign students pay much higher tuition than domestic student. You´ll need to be accepted to a school first. You´ll then have to apply for a study permit (you can do this at the border if you wish). You´ll have to show you have sufficient funds to pay for your studies (sufficient funds = first year tuition + an additional $10K living expenses).

3) Obtain a work visa. You´ll need to find an employer in Canada first and that employer will need to obtain an approved LMO. To obtain an approved LMO the employer must prove they couldn´t hire a Canadian for the position. Expect it to be very difficult to find an employer.

One option would be to come as a visitor. However you won´t be able to work and won´t be covered by the health care system (i.e. buy insurance). If you go this route, careful when crossing the border. If you arrive in a car packed with all of your personal belongings you will likely be refused entry for trying to live in Canada when you´re only allowed to visit.

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