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Subject: Please urgent response pls!!!!
  To cut the long story short, I have PRRA and H&C application currently in processing since September and December of 2010. I just moved out of the province (Ontario) to Edmonton. He is my case; I called 6900 airport road that I was moving and that was on the 24th of February this year and I travelled 28th of the same month. I reported myself to the CBSA in Edmonton and it was even tough for them to find me any CBSA officer to attend to me. Much unlike Toronto that CBSA threatening applicants here and there. Finally one officer came to me and was full loaded with his pistol. we both sat down together and I explained my issue to him that I go a job at the camp in Fortmc, but I´ll be living in Edmonton. He took my data and promise to update my new address. before this, the CBSA in Toronto had asked me to fax a copy of my new address to them once I get a physical address, but because they told me in Edmonton that I shouldn´t worry that they´ll take care of those. I went to the camp which is 3 weeks on and one week off. During my first two weeks, I got a voice message from my lawyer which was on Friday and my contract with Mobilicity was done, so I could get the information from my lawyer´s voice message. I knew something was up, but I couldn´t lay my finger at it. When I called CBSA in Toronto just to check on them and see if everything was fine. They said if I don´t send a copy of new address that ´´I´ll be coming back to Toronto for one interview on the 8th of this April. So I did and later called my lawyer and he said ´´oh he received a letter from the cic that I have an interview with the CBSA on the 8th of April. So after I fax them the information of my new address, the lady said they´ll transfer my file to Edmonton office. so now I am confuse probably it was because I did not send them the information early that was why they want me to come for an interview? Please can anyone share his experience with this kind of issue pleas?
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Cbsa use the adresse in the cic system ,call cic and verify the adress in their system , they know in what date it has been changed , if its prior to the interview request ,its not your prob, you should kept your phone for a month at least to be sure.
Qestion ,Any good info about a good agency or company for a job in FMM?

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Thanks for your positive contribution. It depends on your trade in FMM that determines the kind of job you´re looking for. To be sincere with you, they pay better money compare to other province. What I make in Toronto in two months. Yes finally I did get hold of the CBSA supervisor in Toronto and he promised to send my file to Edmonton. So my representatives said he´ll get back to me when the Edmonton office get back to him. I don´t know f it´s because of the decision or just because.....?
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Thanks to you all. I finally received my AIP base on my humanitarian and Compassionate ground.
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