Refugee claimant returning on working visa.

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Subject: Refugee claimant returning on working visa.
  Hi everyone, any advice would be highly appreciated. Long story short. I came to Canada in June 2010 and claimed a refugee status. In December 2011 I was rejected and in October 2012 I submitted PRRA application witch is still pending. I´m a truck driver and my company has LMO and is willing to guaranty me a job so that I can return to Canada on a working visa. Do I still have a chance to get a working visa as? Buy the way, I came from Croatia and Croatian citizens do not need a tourist visa to visit Canada.
Thanks. Please help me...

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Just like this family you will need an Authorization to Return because your Departure Order when you did not leave within 30 days after negative decision.

Best of luck to you.


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Thanks Roy for your quick respond. I have two more questions.
1 Would hiring a lawyer help me in returning to Canada at this stage of my case?
2 Are chances really slim for me coming back on a working visa?
Thanks a lot again, for your respond.
All the best to you.

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Of course a person in my business would say you have no chance without assistance. Is the investment worth it to you personally. I wish I had bought Gold two years ago now seeing the price.

Lots of times it is what information you divulge or don´t divulge that can derail your hope and dreams.

Having that extra little bit of knowledge sometimes makes a huge difference. In a Spousal Sponsorship it can mean the difference between waking up together in the same bed far sooner than later.

Never retain anyone who can´t prove to you they have done it before and have the experience in relation to your particular Immigration issue.

It might also be best to apply for PR status instead of going the temp res. route.


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