Manitoba PNP Strategic initiative, please help

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Subject: Manitoba PNP Strategic initiative, please help
Dear all, (Roy)

I have been in this forum for years and years, looking for immigration opportunity, mean time I improved my English, French, finished Bachelor, Master and worked on IT Sector for the last 10 years.

January 2013, I applied for Strategic Initiative, Exploratory visit, under Manitoba PNP.

Today after 3 months, I got positive confirmation, that I have been accepted for Exploratory visit and personal interview.
Its says that I have to take all documents with me,all passports, school transcripts,IELTS, Delf , proof of funds 10.000 + 2000 for each dependant, etc etc.

The interview will be held at the end of my stay, and I have to tell them in which city do I have to settle, what I am going to work etc

what are my chances please???
It says that 4 weeks after your interview they will decide if they are going to issue Manitoba PNP Certificate and then I will have to apply through Federal

I am very happy, because I will be face to face with Manitoba PNP immigration officer and if I am going to pass it will be good.

If you search today Manitoba PNP Program, Exploratory visit under strategic initiative is closed.
They accepted applications only from Jan1st to Jan31 2013. I applied Jan10th.

Any Help please,

here is the link


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