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Subject: Urgent help needed!!!
  We desperately need some advice.

I came here to be with my Canadian fiance, but due to some issues with moving and surgery and her being on disability, we had to postpone the marriage and now cant afford to do the sponsorship via common law.

On top of all this, we discovered that I had a possible 6 month limit even though I come from a country that doesn´t require a visa.

I have overstayed for 6 months and we are really concernend about being apart and if I was to have to go back, I´d be homeless.

I have had offers of work here but no work visa so I cant work.

What is our best plan of action do you know?

With thanks and kindest regards.

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I forgot to mention, that I may well have a work sponsor, however if this is not forthcoming, we need to figure out options.
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The fact you don´t require a visa to enter Canada doesn´t mean that you can stay as long as you want. Your visits are still limited to six month. It´s unfortunately you didn´t educate yourself about the process.

If you have overstayed your six month visit by six months - your options are pretty limited because you are now out of status (in Canada illegally).

If you don´t want to leave Canada, then the only realistic alternative I see is for your fiance to sponsor you as a common law partner using the inland process.

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I appreciate the reply thank you.

However, if the cic website was less confusing and set up little better, I´m sure we would of made other arrangements. ie When looking at the visit section of the website, it should state that there is a limit.

However, from what I do gather, is I have implied status and should apply for an extension.

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How long has it been since you entered Canada? Implied status isn´t granted automatically. You only have implied status if you´ve submitted an application to change your status before your old status (the visitor visa) expired.
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No you don´t have a implied status, your status is considered at this point as "illegal".

You over stayed your authorized time to remain in Canada as a visitor.

If you get caught, you will be giving a departure order and if you don´t leave, then you will be deported.

You are pretty much out of options at this point, even if you have a company willing to offer you a job and you obtain an HRDC validation, you still have to leave Canada, apply for a work permit from abroad and come back then explain why you over stayed in Canada.

You should really start planning on going back home, apply from outside of Canada and come back once you have everything together.

implied status (in reply to: Urgent help needed!!!)
my fiance is in the uk ihave purchased a one one way ticket to be with until we gett married
but they said she needs x amount of dollars
she is coming to live with me she be my wife
are we able to do omething about this
so she cam come here

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