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Subject: Frustrating background check
  It´s been more than 72 months I´ve registered my application for immigration; when I query about this cic office ask me for some documents and they are keep on saying that they will contact me after completion of my background check. Is there another way to speed up to complete my background check? I saw in forum that some people contacted CSIS office for background check. How can I contact CSIS office? I haven´t seen any email address of CSIS office.

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From which country u are from?
Which City is your Visa Office?
When did you had your medical?
When did you submit the additional documents?

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Does it matter which country I am from and which visa office I´ve applied? I had medical on June 2011 and after that on Jan 2013 they ask me for passport and they returned my passport and they says that they are doing background check.
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It all depend what application you submitted, H&C Takes a long time.
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