How can return to Canada?

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Subject: How can return to Canada?
I am legal US immigrant, last year in July I was going to Canada from Chicago to drop my mother and sister (they are Canadian citizen) so any way on Sarnia borderI come to know that I have arrest warrant in my name because I am over staying in Canada from 2001. I was in Canada in 1999 to April 2001 and i did applied for refugee status but when i got denied I went back to Pakistan, they said some type of paper you have to submit when you leave so the warrant was from 2001. What should I do to go back because my more then half family is in Canada please advice.

Syed Pervez
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You are banned from returning to canada , you need to apply for ARC.
You should make your departure verified when you left back then.
The first thing you have to do is applying for departure verification , read the manual , you can do it from the consulate in the us ,
If the give you a certificate of departure and then apply for ARC.

which kind of form for ARC (in reply to: How can return to Canada?)
Thanks for replying, I have got the certificate of departure from the Sarnia border the same day. Do you know any link from where I can download the form for ARC.

Syed Pervez
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ARC is a part of applying for a visitor visa since you are Pakistani national.
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Confirmation of departure comes in many forms. Since you got your Green Card status after you were removed that is confirmation as well.

ARC forms can be found on most Visa Post sites or you can just write a letter and pay the $400.00 fee.


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