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Subject: 1 year exclusion order
  My girlfriend was recently given a 1 year exclusion order when she was attempting to come and visit me. They determined that the amount of clothing she had indicated she was attempting to immigrate illegally and not return, hence the order. My question now is what can I do to appeal this? Is there any way to have this over turned within the year? Any advice?
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I don´t think appealing is an option. You have three options to the best of my knowledge:

1) Wait for the exclusion order to expire in a year.
2) Apply for an ARC. These take many months to process and there´s no guarantee of a positive outcome. CIC might just tell her in the end to wait out the year.
3) Apply for a TRP (temporary resident permit). Again, probably low chance of approval but I suppose you can give it a go.

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