Problem with the Canadian Study permit

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Subject: Problem with the Canadian Study permit
  I had applied for my student visa to Canada on the 27-June-2013, Everything was in line the application, the funding, the admission letter etc etc.

I got my visa approved on the 4-July-2013 and in the email i got an attachment stating that that permit validity is upto 30-July-2014.

The course duration is 2 years and the same has been mentioned in my application as 30-April-2015 (20 months) as well as in my admit letter.

Today i received the passport and it also mentions the expiry date as 30-July-2014.

I have mailed the consulate office but haven´t got a response from there side till now.

Can anyone please suggest what i should be doing about the same? Matter most urgent. Hope anyone can help.

Siddharth Mehta
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Since most Visa Posts are on strike consider yourself very lucky that you even got a Study Permit. Enter Canada and then apply for an extension and try to resolve same while in Canada.


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What´s the reason for this ? Plus what is the gurantee that I get my visa extended next year ?

I am in a fix what should I do ? And whom shall I approach ?

siddharth mehta
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Dear Siddharth, Please do not worry about your extension. You are so lucky that you got your Visa during this srtike period. There are lots of people, including me, whos travel plans are in jeopardy because of delay in visa processing.

Could you please tell me when and where did you submit your Visa application?

shubham goel
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Its a big cost involved with the studies....if i don´t get an extension then what?
I applied in mumbai VFS

Siddharth Mehta
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There is no guarantee. You need to understand that there are no guarantees with respect to much in life and Canadian immigration matters in particular. You aren`t entitled to a study permit or a renewal of the permit. However, having said that, if you comply with the requirements of your study permit especially about working, stay in school and not drop out, apply for renewal well in advance, have a valid passport that isn`t about to expire and otherwise follow the laws, the chances of you getting a renewal without a problem or delay are extremely high so don`t let that worry you, proceed as planned, follow the rules and simply renew at the proper time.
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Thank you for a repy Sabrina, but its really surprising as no one in my batch is facing the same problem.
I wish to do all I can to change this before I fly to Toronto.
Is it possible to go an talk to the High Commission Canada Visa at the Dehi office ?

What are the chances they agree to my requset ? Also I wish to kw wt went wrong cos my documentation and proof of fudning was adept to the requirement I showed funds beyond requirement.

I feel as if I have a sword over my head all the time.

siddharth mehta
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You can try of course but there is always the risk if you try to change things, it might get delayed. Most things to do with immigration are based on the discretion of the officer assigned to your file. A lot of people do abuse the permits and work illegally or use them to just get here and try to make a refugee claim or disappear and go underground so the officer may tend to always limit the term. I have seen this happen many times and everyone who followed the rules of their visa was able to renew easily. As I said nothing in life is really guaranteed but I can`t imagine a situation where you would be refused renewal unless you had broken immigration rules or laws of Canada. I really don`t think it is worth worrying so much about.
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I never knew there are so many stupid people on this board; Your documents indicate that you have to enter Canada before the end of the month and the stay permit is valid for the duration of course (2 years); if, for any reason, you can not complete the course within the specified timeframe, you will have to find out how to extend the permit, while you are in Canada.... Now go pack your shyte and get ready
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Thanks Sabriba,

Btw can you tell me the earliest that i can apply for an extension?

Siddharth Mehta
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It there is any issue regarding the study permit in Canada, it would be ideal if you could consult a immigrant law firm in Canada who can solve your problem.
Jason A.Robinson