Immigrations Role in a Growing Canada

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Subject: Immigrations Role in a Growing Canada
  Diversity, fair employment and job opportunities is a point of pride for many nations, particularly so in Canada. Former Prime Minister of Great Brittan said it best “A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in and how many want out.”

The foundation of any modern economy is rooted in the continual growth of the working class. In many western countries such as Canada, which face declining birth rates, immigration plays a large role in the growing working class. Immigrants help diversify Canada’s workforce while providing a much needed source of labor in growing sectors like the oil sands in Alberta. For Canada to continue to prosper it is imperative that Canadian workforces continue to hire immigrants who are crossing over to Canada.

Simply stated newly immigrated families help communities grow and diversify. These new families help build the population of the communities and provide new perspectives. In turn the spending powers of these growing communities help businesses grow. With more demand businesses will hire more employees, which in turn create more demand for the businesses. Immigration provides a stream of demand, which is integral to the cycle of economics and helps develop a strong economy. A strong economy benefits all Canadians regardless of how long they’ve been Canadians.

To trace Canada back to its roots is to see a tradition of immigration. From the beginning Canada was seen as a fresh start, at the time that meant being free to own farmland. Now people immigrate for countless reasons whether it’s a chance to escape unfair persecution or to begin a new life with a loved one, simply, Canada offers a fresh start. Founded as a colony Canada mostly relied on people from all parts of the world to populate its vast boarders and undoubtedly the country is better off for it.

Canadians are well respected on the global stage and enjoys a status as one of the world’s most racially diverse people. As one of the freest societies in the world it is natural that Canada has become to destination for immigrants looking to start over. Unlike other free societies like America, which is known for its melting pot mentality Canada encourages immigrants to keep their cultures, something clearly asserted through the Canadian Multiculturalism Act of 1988. It can be argued immigration is what gives Canada its identity.

Despite the benefits of immigration, reform has made applying for a green card harder and for some impossible. Higher standards have been put in place. In 2010 a passing grade on the citizen test changed from a 12/20 to a 15/20 this has resulted in more applicants failing the citizen test. The end result was an across the board rise in applicants failing the citizen test. Although when applicants hire immigration lawyers like the ones at the likelihood of becoming a citizen is increased these stricter guidelines make receiving a Canadian citizenship much harder.

It is important that despite any change in law or policy that Canada remains a place welcoming of immigrants. Without a steady stream of immigration Canada will have a weaker economy and become culturally indifferent. To paraphrase the words of Tony Blair, Many dream of one day immigrating to Canada and Canada is all the better for it.

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Joseph Abernethy
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