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Subject: GIVE UP - GO HOME
  To All

My morning rant.

Most times the best option is to leave and apply to return to Canada. ARC´s are not that difficult to obtain if you have a valid reason.

Fighting to stay on Humanitarian and Compassionate factors unless your case is exceptional is normally a waste of money and time. If you have overstayed & no showed for anything it is best to arrange your departure with CBSA and leave paying for your own flight.

Now if you have overstayed, fallen in love and they don´t know you overstayed then by all means submit an In Canada spousal. Just don´t get into trouble with the Police etc. while thew application is in process.

Our clients have gotten caught overstaying for failing to clean the snow off their car, no driver license, broken taillight, speeding, etc.

Then sometimes detained. If you have a valid passport there is no impediment to removal. Even if a release order is issued to get released you will have to surrender your passport.

Be wise, GIVE UP, GO HOME.


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Never Give Up!
something new Roy said normally a waste of money and time.
you never wasting your time you just having your life. Money yes to have a hope.

Go Home,why ? for some people who know how to work maybe to be illegal without any human rights is not bad thing. Just don´t be stupid stay low.

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