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Subject: Orphan brother
  Hello everyone out there,

I am not quite sure where should I get a brief information about sponsoring brothers whose family are deceased by accident. He is 12 years old. I would like to sponsor him as an orphan via a family class.

Can anyone tell me weather it is possible or nor to sponsor orphans in the current immigration law ? If so, could you please tell me where to start and what to do.

Thank you


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Yes - you can sponsor your brother since he is an orphan. The forms and instructions are here:


SIBLINGS SPONSORSHIP (in reply to: Orphan brother)

Have my Unemployed Brothers & Sisters in their 40´s and are in the Philippines & other immediate Family Members to come visit us here in Calgary, Canada.

Do we need to prove to the Immigration there & in Canada that we/they have specific amount of money to show to the Immigration offices that they can be qualified to visit? To stay for 6 months or so depending on (their prior) of approval in their papers.

Some questions does apply:

1)How much money here & there in US & Canadian Funds do we need to prepare for at least 2 people or more to to sponsor them individually as Visitors or Tourists?

2) Do we need to provide them both with round trip tickets? As I agreed for this.
3) Both have a Chequing Bank Accounts back home.

4) How long does it need to take for the processing of the Visitors Application Forms?

5) What we need to prove to the Immigration here & there.... like authentic siblings documents relationships?

6) We´re their 3 Sisters here & a Brother all a resident of Calgary only.

7) 1st Sister she´s been here for almost 23 years & owns her place. with a a husband but no kids at all. Both are working

8) Myself for more than 17 years & my Husband for more than 14 years - we both are working owns our place with 1 10 y.o girl still lives with us.

8) Another Sister she´s been here for almost 8 years w/ a husband no kids & works Full Time.

9) A Brother almost 5 years here works Fulltime & a wife (been here for 10 years) & has no kiids & works, too.

Please, we want our Families to come visit us, as we didn´t make it to go home last December 4/13 when the 1st Sibling (out of 9 of us) our Brother died due to work related.

Any advice or steps we all need to do 1st or if I missed anything in here, please contribute more or just add up to anything that could be of help to expedite their sponsorship.

I appreciate any help and looking forward, you could be of help.

Thank you so much.

Sincerely yours,


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To be approved for a visit visa, your siblings will have to demonstrate that they have strong ties to their home country, will return home at the end of their visit to Canada and have no plans to remain in Canada long term. They should provide as much evidence as possible to show home country ties. Some examples are: proof of employment, proof of property owned, proof that immediate family members are staying behind and not going on the trip (immediate family members are their spouse and children if they have any).
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Thank you for your answer !
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