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me and my friend, we applied for PR under the provincial nominee program ( AINP) I sent my application before he did like 15 days, and I did receive my application number like 15 days before he received his own. but he received a confirmation to do medical check up one month ago but I still did not receive it. me and my friend we came from the same country Morocco means that the same immigration office will process our applications. I received a confirmation for may application including my application number on July 09, 2013, now am still waiting for a response on when to take the medical check up. Can anyone help me with any information. Thank you !!

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Hellow Everyone!

When our 2005 FSW Application was abolished by Canada, my husband is one of those called off, selected, qualified, and nominated by the PROVINCIAL NOMINEE PROJECT of BRITISH COLUMBIA in December 2012. From that nomination, we were given 2 options to apply for namely: TEMPORARY RESIDENCE VISA, and the PERMANENT RESIDENCE VISA. We both applied for it. In April, 2013, me and my husband (as the principal applicant) were given a notice to do the medical examinations for our TRV application and so we did. But in May, 2013, me, my husband, and our 2 daughters now in Manila were also given another medical examination request for our PR application that we also all completed (using our April medical examination here in Singapore)in month of May also together with the payment of our Permanent Residence Fee. Moreover, mine and my husband´s passports had already been long been queued since February 2013 in the Canadian Embassy Manila. It is very quiet in the Canadian Embassy Manila, that we hear no update what is happening and when will be the release of our first visa so that we can already exit here in Singapore back to Manila and wait for the coming of the Permanent Residence Visa there. The last time I checked out our PR application, the CIC website gave me these information for us: RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION FOR PR ON 21 FEBRUARY 2013; STARTED PROCESSING YOUR APPLICATION 10 JUNE 2013; MEDICAL RESULTS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED. Anyone who has almost the same case as ours?????

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